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TotalBodyReflex is a new concept for people looking for recovery, balance and energy. Health is the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. How does someone experience his/her own health? And where are the possibilities for improvement? Together with your client you will look for what it is your client needs. The guidance consists of soft manual techniques.

Where does TotalBodyReflex come from?

Over the past decades there have been different developments in the field of manual treatment techniques. These include physical therapy, manual therapy, osteopathy, craniosacral therapy, chiropractic therapy and many more. One of the most important and most recent discoveries is that the viscera and their fascial structures often are the main cause for a variety of complaints. The arrival of the internet has dramatically increased the amount of available data from research. Also there is more and more attention to the psychological influence on the physical wellbeing of humanity. The integration of all scientific information is only just beginning.
Nevertheless the (regular and complementary) healthcare likes to keep approaching humanity in parts. The anatomy books show images of specific anatomy. The DSM encoding places psychiatry in separate parts. The specializations in the hospital are numerous. Within the concept of TotalBodyReflex we keep in mind the total human being. There is not only a circulation problem or a mechanical problem, an emotional of neurological problem, it is often a combination of all these problems. Treatment is focussed on all affected tissues including the psychological components. These days it is clear that body and mind are inseparable. Both work together, day and night. The origin of injuries often has an emotional component.
Clients who are actively involved in the wellbeing of their own body and mind come to the practice of a TotalBodyReflex practitioner. As a practitioner you have a reciprocal relationship with your client. Mainstream medicine speaks about patients. This creates a balance of power between doctor and help requesting human being. The commercial market speaks about customer. Now there is a power relationship between for instance retailer and customer. The customer determines, without adjusting his/her own behaviour. Offering guidance makes no sense in that case.

Currently the attention shifts from disease medicine to prevention medicine. The TotalBodyReflex practitioner is not a healer but a supervisor in the process of improving own resiliency. The connecting attitude of the TotalBodyReflex practitioner is essential for success.

What will you learn during the training?

As a practitioner we don’t heal people. We create the conditions which enables the body to restore itself. The techniques you will learn during the training are applicable on all anatomical structures. As a practitioner you will be trained in a treatment vision in which the intelligence of the client’s body is leading. Your hands will be trained in observing the information of the body, of all the resonated information of all tissues.


The most important instruments are your hands. Your hands are sensitive senses and feel and listen to the body. The specific knee-jerk information that lets the body observe is unique for each person and unique in relation to the client.

Knowledge of anatomy, physiology, embryology and psychology offers a frame of reference of ‘what do I observe’ and ‘do I understand what I observe’ and ‘what is treatment strategy’.

The more knowledge and understanding you have of anatomy, physiology and embryology, the more you will observe in your hands. The more you practice these skills, the better the perception in your hands will be. And the more you develop your own consciousness, the more your hands will perceive.

The self-protective and self-restoring power is in each cell. The processing of information goes though the autonomic nervous system and through the fascia. Both will be extensively addressed during the training days. The curriculum is logical built up on the basis of embryonic development. You will learn to recognize the self-protecting abilities. You will learn to perceive subtle rhythms, tensions and liquidity of the body. This work is not about applying many and intensive techniques.

To learn everything properly, the size of the group is limited to a maximum of 20 participants. Experience shows that even experienced practitioners in other disciplines, need proper guidance in acquiring the crafts.

Are you interested in this training, please read the prospectus carefully. In the prospectus you will find information on training days, the content of the lessons, costs and registration conditions. The training is in accreditation at the SNRO as a post-HBO study.