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What is TotalBodyReflex

More and more people experience that the balance between structure, function and energy balance of the body has been disturbed. This results in a diversity of pain symptoms. Pain, illness, tiredness, hormonal swings, depressive moods are some of the common signals. But how do you get back to recovery?

TotalBodyReflex is a new therapy that guides you to self-recovery. When you learn to act out of your own will and understanding, you will actively search for strength, recovery and balance. Whenever there is sickness or limitations you will learn how to maintain control of your life.

TotalBodyReflex is a very mild form of treatment. De therapist applies various techniques that influence flexibility, fluidity and tension in your body. Everything happens within the boundaries of what your body can handle at that time. The therapist doesn’t force anything. The therapist’s hands receive reflex information that is not noticeable when the therapist is working ‘in the body’. Working ‘in the body’ is manipulating. Manipulation increases the self-shielding capacity.
If your body is not capable of self-healing ability, it will protect itself. Simply put: your body is more limited. Your body is so ingenious that the self-shielding is not specifically perceptible on the site of the injury. Within the regular health care system little attention is being paid to the relationship between a treatment and the effect in the long run. In the regular health care system these clients are classified as SOLK (somatic insufficient explainable physical complaints). Or it is ‘all in your head’. Many times you have already tried various regular and/or alternative therapies.

Recognise this? Contact a TotalBodyReflex Therapist!

In the practice all the various complaints are being examined and treated integral. You can come to the practice for treatment of amongst other things sports injuries, recovery after surgery, back pain, headaches, tiredness, burn-out, concentration problems, fears, menopausal complaints, hormonal issues, fertility problems, complaints after giving birth, chronic conditions, learning-, behaviour- and developmental problems.

Why this new therapy?

Your body consists of cells. The cells in your body contain all the information. How else could they differentiate in a nerve cell, a liver cell or a bone cell after the DNA of father and mother had joint? The space between all cells is being called Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM). In this space are fascial structures. These fascial structures form a network throughout the whole body. The fascial structures form the support structure of all the other tissue in the body. This is also called tensegrity. All blood vessels, organs, nerves, bones, muscle tissue are surrounded by fascia. It is discovered that a form of communication is taking place within the fascia structure making everything in your body connect with each other. At TotalBodyReflex the information of the fascia is being used to come to a good and lasting recovery.

Treatment is focused on all affected tissues including the mental psychological components. These days it is obvious that body and mind are inseparable. Both work together continuously, day and night. The origin of injuries often has an emotional component. At TotalBodyReflex knowledge is being integrated with practical experience. Knowledge about embryonic development and the brain offers your body more opportunities for self-recovery.
The TotalBodyReflex therapist has trained his/her hands to feel the tissues from the body, inclusive the fascia. There is a reflex perception in the hands of the therapist. In a soft way the fascia network is being used in order to let the body itself provide recovery. The techniques make sure that the cells will run the pre-programmed program again. The vision is that because of this gentle approach the self-restoring power is optimal being used. And this is new in the Netherlands.